C.J.Gorter Center for High Field MRI

General Information

The C.J.Gorter Center for High Field Magnetic Resonance was opened in the autumn of 2007. Its mission is to develop new techniques for high field clinical applications of MRI. Facilities include a Philips Achieva 7 tesla whole body MRI, as well as access to 3 tesla and 1.5 tesla Philips research scanners and a 7 tesla Bruker Pharmascan. In collaboration with the Leiden institute of Chemisty we have access to 9.4 tesla and 17.6 tesla Bruker systems.

Current Projects

  • High permittivity dielectric pads
  • Ocular MRI
  • Cardiac imaging
  • High frequency RF coil development
  • Low frequency MRI
  • SAR modelling in high field MRI
  • Cerebral perfusion MRI 
  • MRS and MRI in muscles diseases  
  • MR spectroscopy of the brain
  • Post-mortem brain imaging 
  • Pre-clinical imaging
  • Diffusion Weighted Spectroscopy 
  • MRI in neurodegenerative diseases
  • Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer Imaging
  • MR in Brown Adipose Tissue


  • Andrew Webb, Professor, Director
  • Mark van Buchem, Professor, Clinical Director
  • Thijs van Osch, Professor, Vice-Director
  • Hermien Kan, Associate Professor
  • Itamar Ronen, Associate Professor
  • Louise van der Weerd, Associate Professor
  • Jos Westenberg, Associate Professor
  • Peter Börnert, Professor
  • Jan-Willem Beenakker, Assistant Professor


  • Wouter Teeuwisse, Laboratory Supervisor


  • Hans van Assen
  • Lucia Bossoni
  • Wyger Brink
  • Natalie Doorenweerd
  • Lydiane Hirschler
  • Chloé Najac
  • Sanneke van Rooden
  • Sophie Schmid
  • Lena Vaclavu

PhD Students:

  • Teresa Ferreira
  • Suzanne Franklin
  • Lorna Grech Fonk
  • Thijs van Harten
  • Francesca Inglese
  • Myriam Jaarsma
  • Joe Juffermans
  • Kevin Keene
  • Reijer Leijssen
  • Thomas O'Reilly
  • Léonie Petitclerc
  • Merlijn van der Plas
  • Aashley Sardjoe Mishre
  • Sanny Scheffer
  • Thom Veeger
  • Luc van Vught


  • Ernst Suidgeest  

Selected Publications

  • Beenakker JWM, Ferreira TA, Soemarwoto KP, Genders SW, Teeuwisse WM, Webb A, Luyten GPM. Clinical evaluation of ultra high field MRI for the diagnosis of uveal melanoma, Magn Reson Mater Phy 29: 571 (2016)
  • Bulk M, Moursel LG, van der Graaf LM, van Veluw SJ, Greenberg SM, van Duinen SG, van Buchem MA, van Rooden S, van der Weerd L Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy With Vascular Iron Accumulation and Calcification. Stroke. 2018 Sep;49(9):2081-2087. doi: 10.1161/STROKEAHA.118.021872.
  • Bulk M, Abdelmoula WM, Nabuurs RJA, van der Graaf LM, Mulders CWH, Mulder AA, Jost CR, Koster AJ, van Buchem MA, Natté R, Dijkstra J, van der Weerd L. Postmortem MRI and histology demonstrate differential iron accumulation and cortical myelin organization in early- and late-onset Alzheimer's disease. Neurobiol Aging. 2018 Feb;62:231-242. doi: 10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2017.10.017. Epub 2017 Oct 28.
  • Burakiewicz J, Sinclair CDJ, Fischer D, Walter GA, Kan HE, Hollingsworth KG. Quantifying fat replacement of muscle by quantitative MRI in muscular dystrophy. J Neurol. 2017 Oct;264(10):2053-2067.
    Doorenweerd N, Straathof CS, Dumas EM, Spitali P, Ginjaar IB, Wokke BH, Schrans DG, van den Bergen JC, van Zwet EW, Webb A, van Buchem MA, Verschuuren JJ, Hendriksen JG, Niks EH, Kan HE. Reduced cerebral gray matter and altered white matter in boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Ann Neurol 2014, Sep;76(3):403-11
  • Ferreira TA, Saravia P, Genders SW, van Buchem MA, Luyten GPM, Beenakker JWM. CT and MR imaging of orbital inflammation, Neur radiol. Early online (2018)
  • Hirschler L, Munting LP, Khmelinskii A, Teeuwisse WM, Suidgeest E, Warnking JM, van der Weerd L, Barbier EL, van Osch MJP. Transit time mapping in the mouse brain using time-encoded pCASL. NMR Biomed. 2018 Feb;31(2). doi: 10.1002/nbm.3855. Epub 2017 Nov 21.
  • van Osch MJ, Teeuwisse WM, Chen Z, Suzuki Y, Helle M, Schmid S. Advances in arterial spin labelling MRI methods for measuring perfusion and collateral flow. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab. 2018, Vol. 38(9) 1461–1480
  • Ruytenberg T, Verbist BM, Vonk-Van Oosten J,  Astreinidou E, Sjogren EV and Webb AG, Improvements in High Resolution Laryngeal Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Preoperative Transoral Laser Microsurgery and Radiotherapy in Early Lesions, Front Oncol. 2018 Jun 6;8:216. doi: 10.3389/fonc.2018.00216. 
  • Shchelokova A, Slobozhanyuk A, de Bruin PW,  Zivkovic I, Kallos E, Belov P and Webb AG. Experimental investigation of a metasurface resonator for in-vivo imaging at 1.5 T, J.Magn.Reson, Nov 22;286:78-81. doi: 10.1016/j.jmr.20172017.


Andrew Webb, Professor
C.J.Gorter High Field Magnetic Resonance Center,
Department of Radiology - C3Q
Leiden University Medical Center
Albinusdreef 2, 2333 ZA Leiden
The Netherlands
Phone: +31-71-526-5483
Fax: +31-71-524-8256
Email: a.webb@lumc.nl