Myocardial Function Quantification

Development of a fully automatic 3D segmentation and quantification method for analyzing myocardial NWO

(Dutch Organization for Scientific Research) in the form of a Casimir grant
Jeroen Wijnhout, PhD


Analysis of myocardial function is often based on MRI cine studies of the heart. However without a reliable quantification method pathologies will often remain undetected. Current quantification methods are without exception two-dimensional and based on short-axis slices of the heart. This research is performed in close collaboration with Medis medical imaging systems BV (Leiden, the Netherlands).


The goal of this project is to develop a 3D segmentation as well as quantification method, that will lead to improved accuracy of important functional parameters of the myocardium, such as ejection fraction, mass, wall thickness, wall motion and wall thickening.




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