director: Prof. dr. M.A. van Buchem


In our research program we study specific diseases of the central nervous system using state-of-the-art imaging technology, with an emphasis on MRI. We have organized our research again following a matrix system with disease themes on one axis and imaging methodology themes on the other axis. For each theme a principal investigator is responsible. Since our aim is to develop and apply technologies to solve biomedical questions, our program is characterized by close interactions between themes with a technological and those with a biomedical focus. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of modern neuroimaging research, our group hosts experts with various backgrounds, such as medicine, physics, chemistry, biology, biomedical sciences, and neuropsychology. Within the department of Radiology, there are close interactions with researchers from the Cardiovascular Imaging Research Group in order to exploit the interactions between the heart and systemic vasculature on the one hand, and the brain on the other.

Research themes of the Neuroimaging Research Group

  1. Diseases
    1. The aging brain & dementia; principal investigators: prof. Mark van Buchem, MD; Jeroen van der Grond, PhD; Maththias van Osch, PhD and prof Serge Rombouts, PhD
    2. The brain in systemic inflammatory diseases; principal investigators: Bart Emmer, MD & Itamar Ronen, PhD
    3. Neuroimaging of primary headaches; principal investigator: Mark. Kruit, MD
    4. Other diseases
      1. Neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury;  principal investigator: Sica Wiggers-de Bruine, MD
      2. Vascular malformations;  principal investigators: Marianne van Walderveen, MD & Patrick Brouwer, MD
      3. Huntington’s disease;  principal investigator: Jeroen van der Grond, PhD
      4. Depression;  principal investigator: Nic van der Wee, MD
      5. Degenerative spine disease; principal investigator: Patrick Brouwer, MD
  2. Technological Research Lines
    1. MRI hardware; principal investigator: Prof. Adrew Webb, PhD
    2. Functional brain imaging; principal investigator: Prof. Rombouts, PhD
    3. Quantitative brain imaging; principal investigator: Itamar Ronen, PhD
    4. Cerebrovascular imaging techniques; principal investigator: Matthias van Osch, PhD
    5. Molecular brain imaging; principal investigator: Louise van der Weerd, PhD
    6. Neuro-Image processing; principal investigator: Julien Milles, PhD


Our program is well embedded at local, national, and international levels. In this paragraph, only generic embedding that is not limited to one of our research themes is mentioned; embedding that fits into on of our research themes will be mentioned in the context of these themes.

  1. LUMC
  1. Leiden University

  1. National embedding
    • Our group is actively involved in the Medical Delta, an alliance between the universities of Leiden, Delft, and Rotterdam aimed on developing novel techniques for healthcare
    • On a technological level, our group closely collaborates with Philips Healthcare as a Philips luminary site for development, application, and validation of new techniques and clinical paradigms for diseases of the nervous system