Research Medewerkers

Hier ziet u een overzicht van onze wetenschappelijk medewerkers

Head of TNI

Dr. Luis J. Cruz, head of TNI (Assistant Professor)

  • Nanomedicine
  • Molecular Imaging
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Immunotherapy
  • Nanotherapeutics
  • Smart nanobiomaterials
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • NanoRegenerative Medicine

Researchers at TNI

Dr. Eric L. Kaijzel (Assistant Professor)

  • Nanomedicine
  • Imaging
  • Immunotherapy
  • Nanotherapeutics
  • Smart nanobiomaterials

Prof. Dr. Mathias H.H.D. Hoehn (Visiting Professor)

  • Regenerative medicine
  • Cerebral ischemia
  • Immunotherapy
  • Stem cells
  • Molecular imaging
  • In vivo MRI and optical imaging

Dr. Gastón Fuentes Estévez (Senior researcher)

  • Drug delivery systems
  • Calcium phosphates ceramics synthesis
  • Calcium phosphates cements
  • Calcium phosphates composites
  • Statistics applied to biomaterials

Dr. Raimundo Fernandes de Araújo Júnior (Assistant Professor)

  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Immunoflourescence
  • Flow cytometry
  • Western blot

Dr. Yuedan Li (Postdoctoral fellow)

  • biochemical, cell-based, or immunological assays
  • stem cell therapies for genetic disorders
  • molecular imaging

Dr. Christina Eich (Postdoctoral Researcher)

  • Tumour Immunology, Immunology, Immunotherapy
  • Molecular Biology
  • (Molecular) Imaging
  • Hematopoietic stem cells
  • Transcription Factors
  • Immunotherapy

Drs. Marieke A. Stammes (PhD-student)

  • (Molecular) Multimodal Imaging
  • Preclinical Experiments
  • Radioactivity Based Analysis

Drs. C. da Silva (PhD-student, Immunologist (io; smbwo))

  • Oncology
  • Immunology
  • Tumor Immunology
  • Immunotherapy
  • (Immunogenic) Chemotherapy
  • Nanomedicine (PLGA nanoparticles)
  • Tumor microenvironment immune modulation
  • Therapeutic cancer vaccines

Drs. Ruben Huis in ’t Veld (PhD Student)

  • Oncology
  • Immunology
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Nanomedicine

Drs. Luana Zerrillo (PhD Student)

  • Nanoparticles
  • Drug delivery
  • Molecular imaging
  • Nanomedicine

Drs. Chih Kit Chung (PhD Student)

  • Immunology
  • Tumor immunology
  • Immunotherapy
  • Nanomedicine (nanoparticles)

Drs. Jomarien Garcia (PhD Student)

  • Polymeric biomaterials
  • Nanomedicine
  • Tissue enginnering
  • Cartilage regeneration

Drs. Yaima Campos Mora (PhD Student)

  • Scaffolds
  • Tissue engineering
  • Cartilage regeneration

Drs. Ana Luiza Oliviera (PhD student)

  • Molecular biology of cancer
  • Cell culture
  • Flow cytometry
  • Immunofluorescence

Ivo Que (Senior Research Technician)

  • Role imaging equipment
  • Role animal facility (trainer/ambassador) etc

Tracy Li (Research Technician)

  • Cell culture
  • Imaging
  • Animal works

Drs. Fabio Baldazzi (Research Technician)

  • Molecular Biology
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Cell culture

Musculoskeletale Radiologie

Monique Reijnierse

Dr. Monique Reijnierse

  • Musculoskeletal
  • Ultrasound

Onderzoekers bij het IMI

Fijs van Leeuwen

Dr. Fijs W. B. van Leeuwen (Associate Professor, Head of IMIlab)

  • Development of new (targeted) imaging agents for molecular imaging applications (chemistry)
  • Exploring the (clinical) potential of multimodal imaging agents
  • Fluorescence- and radioguided surgery
  • Diagnostic and surgical identification of diseased tissue
Renato Valdés Olmos

Dr. Renato Valdés Olmos (MD, PhD, Senior Researcher)

  • Radioguided intervention
  • Clinical development and application of hybrid cameras for radioactive/fluorescence signal detection
  • Development and application of 3D augmented - and mixed reality models in surgical navigation
  • Clinical validation of PET-CT and dedicated PET hanging breast imaging
Aldrik Velders

Prof.dr. A.H. Velders (Visiting scientist Wageningen University)

  • Development of supramolecular sensor strategies
  • Exploitation of nanoparticle properties for optical sensing
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Microfluidics for on-flow spectroscopic sensing devices
Tessa Buckle

Dr. Tessa Buckle (PhD, Postdoctoral fellow)

  • Generation animal models for imaging studies
  • Preclinical in vivo imaging using multiple modalities
  • Microsurgery
  • Visualization of nerve bundles
Mick Welling

Dr. Mick Welling (PhD, Postdoctoral fellow)

  • Biological validation and testing of probes and tracers: peptides, proteins, (stem) cells
  • Molecular imaging and analysis based on radioactivity (pharmacology and targeting) in experimental animal models
  • Bacterial imaging
  • Molecular monitoring of antimicrobial therapy
Anton Bunschoten

Dr. Anton Bunschoten (PhD, Postdoctoral fellow)

  • Multimodal imaging based on fluorescence and radioactivity
  • Non-covalent interactions on proteins
  • Förster resonance energy transfer
  • Bacterial imaging
Daphne Rietbergen

Drs. Daphne D.D. Rietbergen (MD, PhD Student)

  • Nuclear Medicine e.g. Tracer administration, lymphoscintigraphy, SPECT/CT, radionuclear therapy, radioguided surgery
  • Clinical implementation of innovating surgical guidance techniques: Fluorescence- and radioguided surgery, intraoperative image navigation
Gijs KleinJan

Drs. Gijs H. KleinJan (MD, PhD student)

  • Nerve imaging
  • Clinical implementation of innovating surgical guidance techniques: Fluorescence-and radioguided surgery, Intraoperative image navigation
  • Sentinel node procedures in complex areas (e.g. prostate, head & neck): Tracer administration, Lymphoscintigraphy, SPECT/CT
Matthias van Oosterom

Drs. Matthias N. van Oosterom (PhD student)

  • Applied Physics
  • Prototyping
  • Fluorescence and Bioluminescence
  • Surgical Navigation
Silvia Spa

Drs. Silvia J. Spa (PhD student)

  • Functionalization of bionanoparticles
  • Self-assembly processes
  • Development of imaging agent for nerve visualization
  • u-contact printing
Pip Meershoek

Pip Meershoek (Student)

  • Clinical implementation of navigated ultrasound
Beatrice Winkel

Beatrice M.F. Winkel (PhD student)

  • Nuclear medicine
  • Medical (molecular) Imaging
  • Translational research
  • Parasitology
  • Malaria and other skin penetrating parasites
Jan Bart ten Hove

Drs. Jan Bart ten Hove (PhD student)

  • Synthesis and surface modification of nanoparticles
  • (Orthogonal) chemistry
  • Biosensor development
  • Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)
  • Diffusion Ordered Spectroscopy
Danny van Willigen

Ing. Danny M. van Willigen (Research technician)

  • Synthesis of fluorescent dyes
  • Synthesis of (hybrid) imaging agents
  • Labeling of biomolecules for imaging applications
Clarize de Korne

Clarize de Korne (Student)

  • Cell culture
  • Immunohistochemical and fluorescent staining
  • (Confocal) microscopy

Diego Staphorst

  • Development of computer assisted motility tracking software

Luuk Lageschaar

  • micro-contact printing
  • cell and protein labeling
  • confocal microscopy

Medische Beeldverwerking Boudewijn P.F. Lelieveldt (Professor)

  • Integration of a-priori knowledge into segmentation and registration algorithms
  • Data analytics for 3D omics data
  • Main applications: neuroimaging and multi-modal pre-clinical imaging
Jouke Dijkstra

Dr. ir. Jouke Dijkstra (Associate professor)

  • IntraVascular Ultrasound (IVUS).
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT).
  • Vascular image analysis (Computed Tomography Angiography).
  • Analysis, registration and visualization of multi-model molecular images.
  • Image guided surgery.

Dr. Berend C. Stoel (Associate professor)

  • Image Processing in Pulmonology, Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Ophthalmology
  • Technical and Clinical Validation of Image Processing
  • Quality Control and Standardization in Quantitative Computed Tomography
  • Applications of Image Processing in Drug Evaluation Trials
Marius Staring

Dr. ir. Marius Staring (Assistant professor)

  • medical image registration
  • (pulmonary) image processing
  • dedicated to high quality and open source software implementations

Drs Walid Abdelmoula (Hassan) (PhD Student)

  • Imaging Mass Spectrometry.
  • Digital Pathology.
  • Image Registration.
  • Segmentation, classification and quantification of Medical/Biomedical Images.

Drs. Evgeni Aizenberg (PhD Student)

  • Image Processing
  • Computer-aided diagnosis of disease
Els Bakker

Dr. M. Els Bakker (Senior researcher)

  • Pulmonary image processing
  • Validation of developed pulmonary sofware
  • Financial project management
  • Works council

dr. ir. Floris Berendsen (Postdoctoral researcher)

  • Application-specific registration methods
  • Combining registration paradigms
  • Signal processing
Alexander Broersen Alexander Broersen (scientific researcher)

  • Research interests include the detection, classification, and quantification of coronary vessels by combining analyses from intravascular ultrasound and computed tomography angiography.
Niels Dekker

Drs. Niels Dekker (Scientific programmer)

  • Intravascular image analysis
  • Advanced programming techniques
  • C++, Qt, MFC, MeVisLab, DICOM
Oleh Dzyubachyk

Dr. Oleh Dzyubachyk (post-doctoral researcher)

  • Mathematical methods for image processing
  • Whole-body MR imaging
  • Cell segmentation and tracking
Jeroen Eggermont

Dr. Jeroen Eggermont (Scientific Researcher)

  • Current research interests are:
  • Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS)
  • Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)).
  • Atherosclerotic Plaque Characterization
  • Natural Computing
  • Optimization
  • Data Mining
Mohammed ElBaz

Drs. Mohammed S.M. Elbaz (Postdoctoral Researcher)

  • Cardiac Blood Flow Quantification
  • Cardiac Vortex Analysis
  • 4D Flow MRI
  • Shape Quantification and Analysis
  • Volume Rendering Visualization
  • Non-invasive Computer Aided Diagnosis
Shan Gao

Shan Gao , MPhil (PhD Student)

  • Multispectral magnetic resonance image analysis
  • Medical image segmentation using pattern recognition
Pieter Kitslaar

Ir. Pieter Kitslaar (Scientific programmer)

  • Vascular image analysis and quantification
  • Quantitative coronary CT angiography
  • Vessel tree segmentation
Patrick de Koning

Ir. Patrick de Koning (Scientific researcher)

  • Development of Image Analysis Techniques for Time-Resolved 3-Dimensional, 3-Directional MR Velocity Mapping.
  • Automated evaluation of vascular MR image data.
Baldur van Lew

Drs. Baldur van Lew (Scientific Programmer)

  • Visualization of brain images
  • Network analysis
Shengnan Liu

Drs Shengnan Liu (PhD Student)

  • Intravascular optical coherence tomography (IVOCT) image analysis.
  • IVOCT based Intravascular tissue characterization

Drs. Ahmed Mahfouz (Postdoctoral Researcher)

  • Imaging genetics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Spatio-temporal gene expression
  • Biological Network analysis
Yuchuan Qiao

Drs Yuchuan Qiao (PhD Student)

  • fast image registration
  • parallelization
  • optimization algorithms
Hans Reiber

Prof. Dr. Ir. J.H.C. Reiber (Professor)

  • (Knowledge guided) image processing and its clinical applications

Dr. Gorkem Saygili (Post-doctoral researcher)

  • Dimensionality reduction
  • Large-scale gene expression pattern analysis
  • Stereo Vision
  • Depth Refinement
  • Medical Image Registration
  • 3D Perceptual Quality Evaluation
  • 3D Video Coding and Streaming (Multiple Description Coding)
Rahil Shahzad

Dr. ir. Rahil Shahzad, (Post-doctoral researcher)

  • Vascular Image Analysis
  • Whole-body MRI
  • Cardiovascular Image Quantification
  • Centerline extraction
Denis Shamonin

Drs. Denis Shamonin (Scientific programmer)

  • Pulmonary image processing and quantification
  • Visualization and analysis algorithms for clinical applications

Drs. Hessam Sokooti (PhD Student)

  • Biomedical Image Processing
  • Image Registration
  • Biomedical Signal Processing
Paulien Stegehuis

Drs. Paulien L. Stegehuis (PhD Student)

  • Full field optical coherence tomography
  • Diffuse optical tomography
  • Image guided surgery
Zhuo Sun

Drs. Zhuo Sun (PhD Student)

  • Alzheimer’s disease and aging progress model
  • Atlas selection strategy in the atlas base analysis methods
  • Alzheimer’s disease classification and biomarker selection

Dr. Qian Tao ( senior researcher)

  • Analysis of clinical MR images
  • Multi-modality image registration and intraoperative image integration
  • Risk stratification, machine learning
Leo Wolf

Drs. Leo Wolf (Software manager)

  • Software ontwikkeling, zowel methodologisch als praktisch: Agile methoden en technieken tezamen met uitbreidingen op programmeertalen zoals support voor functioneel programmeren
  • Web ontwikkeling
  • Theoretische onderwerpen als correctheid van algoritmen
  • Sinds enkele jaren QA manager

Drs. Zhiwei Zhai (PhD student)

  • pulmonary image analysis,
  • Pulmonary biomarker design.
Changgong Zhang

Drs C. Zhang (PhD Student)

  • Compressed Sensing based MRI
  • Comparative Visualization

C.J.Gorter Centrum


Dr. Nathalie Doorenweerd (Post-doc)

  • Neuroscience
  • Neuropsychology
  • Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Dr. Hermien E. Kan

  • MR spectroscopy
  • Neuromuscular diseases
  • Energy metabolism

Ir. Kirsten Koolstra (PhD Student)

  • Dielectric MR materials
  • MR Fingerprinting
  • Reconstruction

Matthias J.P. van Osch, PhD

  • Perfusion MRI
  • 7 Tesla MRI: clinical applications
  • Cerebrovascular MRI

Thomas Ruytenberg, MSc (PhD Student)

  • RF engineering
  • Plasma-mediated MRI

Ir. Sophie Schmid

  • Arterial spin labeling
  • Brain perfusion imaging
  • Cerebrovascular reactivity
  • Hereditary Cerebral Hemorrhage With Amyloidosis - Dutch type (HCHWA-d, Katwijkse ziekte)
  • Cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA)

Jasper Verbree (PhD Student)

  • Hersendoorbloeding
  • Cardiovasculaire fysiologie
  • MRI

Prof. Dr. A.G. Webb (Professor)

  • High field MRI and its clinical applications

Louise van der Weerd, PhD

  • Molecular imaging
  • Small animal MRI

Ir. Joep Wezel (PhD student)

  • Dynamic B0 field monitoring
  • Motion detection and correction