High-Field Transmit Field Mapping

The radio frequency (RF) transmit field (B1+), plays an essential role in MR signal generation. This comprises signal excitation, signal refocusing and / or appropriate magnetization preparation. However, with the trend to higher main field strengths in MR, the effective RF wavelengths approaches body and transmit coil dimensions, thus wave propagations effects begin compromising RF homogeneity, image contrast and in worst cases SNR and image quality. To mitigate these effects parallel transmit technology (using RF shimming or transmit SENSE), special RF pulse designs or dedicated image processing can be used. All of them benefit from the profound knowledge of the corresponding B1+ fields of the involved transmit antennas, making efficient B1+ mapping approaches mandatory. Therefore, the DREAM (Dual Refocusing Echo Acquisition Method), which is one of the fastest RF transmit field-mapping techniques known, has been further developed, finding many applications in high field mapping in MR imaging and spectroscopy. The intrinsically low RF power level of DREAM makes it to the method of choice to explore and evaluate new transmit concepts especially at high fields.

Example developments and applications:


Börnert P. Modeling, Mapping, & Application of RF Transmit Fields. Tutorial ISMRM, Montreal, May 9, 2011.

7 Tesla development and applications:

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3 Tesla development and applications:

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The project started in 2012 (active)