Cost-effectiveness of MRI of the knee

Dr. P. Luijsterburg, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam
Dr. M. Reijnierse, LUMC, Leiden


General practitioners are regularly consulted by patients with traumatic knee complaints. The direct access of general practitioners to MRI in patients with knee complaints, in several regions in the Netherlands, is leading to an increased referral. This might become standard policy without rigorous cost-effectiveness evaluation. Whether MRI of the knee should enter the diagnostic pathway in primary care, through direct access by general practitioners, depends on whether it improves patient outcome, reduces costs and affects subsequent diagnosis and management. This multi-center, randomized controlled trial in combination with a concurrent observational cohort study is designed to answer this question.

Study populations

General practitioners in different regions in the Netherlands will recruit eligible patients and treat them according the study protocol.

Collaborative networks

This study is a collaboration between Erasmus MC Rotterdam, Department of General Practice, and Leiden University Medical Center, Department of Radiology.

Funding is received from ZonMW.

Project Title: Is MRI of the knee cost-effective in patients with traumatic knee complaints in primary care?

Project members

  • Erasmus MC Rotterdam:
    • Department of General Practice :
    • Prof. Dr. S. M. A. Bierma - Zeinstra; Prof dr. P.J. E. Bindels; Prof. Dr. B. W. Koes
    • Department of Orthopedics: Prof. dr. J.A.N.Verhaar
  • LUMC, Leiden:
    • Department of Radiology: Prof. dr. J.L. Bloem
    • Department of Orthopedics; Prof. dr. R.G.G.H. Nelissen
    • Department of Medical Statistics: Dr. W.B. van den Hout
  • Medisch Centrum Alkmaar
    • Department of Radiology: Dr. P.R. Algra