Interventional Molecular Imaging

Translational aspects

As a group we focus on solving clinical challenges in the field of image guided interventions. This is realized by pursuing an application driven “from molecule to man” concept, whereby a fitting solution for the particular challenge is sought after.

In general we envision that symbiosis between pre- and interventional guidance technologies can, in the future, provide patient benefit. Diagnostic imaging using (tumor) receptor-targeted tracers may help surgeons/interventional radiologists to select the least invasive approach. On the other hand, imaging of structures that need to be spared, e.g. nerves, can also help predict the chance of complications as a result of the intervention itself. During the intervention a form of real-time imaging helps validate complete excision/treatment of lesions. 

We have already been involved in a number of first-in-human studies and plan to continue these efforts. At the same time we respect the role that fundamental science has in generating unique new insights.