Technology and Mission

Our group is committed to support other groups in implementing our nanotechnology platform in their research questions to broaden their product development. See below the general scheme. 

We develop and support in all development the following steps:

Our group has developed a nanotechnology platform that enables the slow release and site-specific drug delivery. This technology can be used to produce new biomedical products, drug-delivery devices and device components that enable delivery of drugs directly to the affected organ or treatment site. The platform can expand the therapeutic use of compounds that otherwise would be too potent, do not remain in the body long enough to be effective, or have significant side effects when administered systemically. This flexibility allows us to work with a variety of drug candidates including small molecules, proteins, peptides or genes.
Our group is focusing on innovations in medical drug delivery system, nanovaccines, probes and nanoprobes for diagnostics and treatments. The ability to precisely deliver accurate and continuous doses of a drug will extend the therapeutic value of a wide variety of drugs, including those which would otherwise be ineffective, too unstable, and too potent or cause adverse side effects. Delivering the drug directly to the intended site of action can also improve efficacy while minimizing unwanted side effects elsewhere in the body, which often limits the long-term use of many drugs.
Our nanomedicine and nanotechnology platform can thus provide better therapy for chronic diseases to replace multiple injection therapy, improve drug efficacy, reduce side effects and to ensure dosing compliance. 
In addition, our nanomedicine and nanotechnology platform will focus on innovative therapeutics based on our technologies and off-patent drugs (drugs whose patent has expired). Our basic strategy is to encapsulate off-patent drugs onto our nanoparticle platform to obtain FDA approval in an accelerated manner. This will allow for a superior product to reach those who need optimal drug delivery without inherent toxic effects. This will improve patients' quality of life by eliminating more repetitive treatments, reducing dependence on caregivers and allowing them to lead more independent lives.