Translational Nanobiomaterials and Imaging

Our Group in the Radiology Department at the Leiden University Medical Center has dedicated expertise to the preparation, development and application of smart nanobiomaterials for medical imaging in diagnosis and treatment of distinct diseases. We focus on preparation and preclinical validation of new types of smart drug delivery systems, nanovaccines, targeted nanobiomaterials and imaging technologies. Another focus of our group is the clinical translation of smart nanobiomaterials/hydrogels for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. For these applications, we use state-of-art multimodality imaging technology, we find smart nanobiomaterials and imaging solutions to develop the next generation of clinical products to improve the quality of life of the patient. 

We believe that smart nanobiomaterials should work better and we make it happen. Many drugs would be more effective and have fewer side effects if they simply last longer or go to the right place in the body. Our drug delivery technology meets these challenges using a new family of biocompatible polymers that will provide a new drug product for several clinical applications. 

Many therapeutic compounds require localized advanced drug delivery technologies to increase efficacy, decrease toxicity, and potentially modify biodistribution. Localized drug delivery enables a therapeutic concentration of a drug to be administered to the desired target without exposing the entire body to a similar dose. Our group is developing a number of smart drug delivery systems to meet these objectives. Validation of these smart drug delivery systems will be performed in preclinical mouse models using state-of-art molecular imaging equipment and nanotechnology.