Interventional Molecular Imaging


The IMI-group has a high multidisciplinary nature and consists of enthusiastic scientists with a background in biology, medicine, chemistry, nanotechnology, engineering and/or physics. Jointly we pursue the development of imaging agents and imaging technologies that can be applied during surgical and/or radiological interventions (image-guided surgery), ultimately aiming to improve outcome and reduce side effects. Here, we strongly focus on a multimodal/hybrid guidance concept whereby pre- and intra-operative imaging information is integrated to provide optimal sensitivity and specificity. 

Multidisciplinary approach

By exploiting the different backgrounds present within the group, we approach (clinical) challenges from multiple angles. When combined, this multidisciplinary approach can drive a rapid clinical translation of new technologies that could benefit patient care.

Image Guided Surgery
Receptor targeted imaging
Peripheral nerve imaging
Engineering of hard- and software
Infection imaging
Bionanotechnology/ nanomedicine