Former Projects

The imaging genetics section originates from two LKEB sections: image guided image processing and neuro-imaging. Below is a list of former projects of these sections:

Former Projects in Neuro-Imaging

  • GAME (Growing and Adaptive MEshes)
  • High Field Susceptibility-Weighted Imaging
  • Iron Deposition Detection
  • Virtual Cochlea Exploration
  • Brain Functional Connectivity
  • SNIPER (Software for Neuro Image Processing)

Former Projects in Knowledge Based Image Processing

  • Molecular Image Analysis
  • Heart in 3D
  • One-Stop-Shop Cardiac Imaging
  • Efficiency of Cardiovascular MRI
  • Landmark Detection
  • Time-continuous 3- and 4-D Segmentation
  • Knowledge Driven Segmentation
  • Integral Cardiovascular Image Interpretation
  • Quantitative Cardiovascular MR
  • Fuzzy Neural Networks
  • 2D-4D Active Appearance Models