Registration Visualization

Principal investigator from LUMC: dr. Marius Staring

Image registration is the process of transforming images into the same coordinate system. In a medical setting, volume registration is often required to track treatment effects over time or to combine information from different modalities.

RegistrationShop was developed by Berend Klein Haneveld to improve and ease the process of volume registration using 3D visualizations and intuitive interactive tools. It supports several basic visualizations of 3D volumetric data. Interactive rigid and non-rigid transformation tools can be used to manipulate the volumes and immediate visual feedback for all rigid transformation tools allow the user to examine the current registration result in real-time.

Current interests are to develop advanced visualization techniques that provide clinicians more insight into the deformations that were induced by the registration, and increase to ability and easy to correct for mistakes. This project is part of an ongoing research collaboration between the Leiden University Medical Center, and the TU Delft.

Associated researchers


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