Vessel Wall Quantification

Automated quantification of vessel wall MR imaging studies

NWO (Dutch Organization for Scientific Research) in the form of a Casimir grant
Rob J. van der Geest, PhD


Black-blood vessel wall MRI can be used for visualization of the luminal and outer wall boundaries of the carotid arteries and the aorta. Measurement of the thickness of the vessel wall is relevant for assessment of progression or regression of disease. In this project, automated methods are developed for quantification of parameters describing the status of the vessel wall from MR imaging studies.


The goal of this project is to develop tools for accurate and reproducible measurement of the vessel wall status from MR vessel wall studies.


The developed contour detection is highly automated. The user has to identify the approximate center of the vessel wall in a cross-sectional image. The outer contour is detected based on ellipse fitting, followed by dynamic programming. The lumen contour is detected inside the region defined by the detected outer contour. As the lumen contour can have a more irregular shape, less constraint can be imposed on the contour shape. An automated optimization system has been implemented allowing obtaining optimal settings of the contour detection algorithm for image data from various anatomical regions, MR systems and particular pulse sequences. Plaque components in the vessel wall can be identified manually.


A software package, VesselMASS, has been developed providing semi-automated contour detection of the lumen and outer wall boundaries. VesselMASS is being used in various large scale clinical trials.

Figure 1
Figure 1
Screen shot of the VesselMASS software package showing automatically detected lumen and outer wall contours of the carotid artery. The graph shows the average vessel wall thickness for each slice level.


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