Cardiovascular Imaging

Director: Prof. Dr. A. de Roos


In the cardiovascular research program we study congenital and acquired cardiovascular diseases using state-of-the-art imaging technology, including MRI, CT, ultrasound and nuclear medicine techniques. The research is organized according to a matrix system with disease-oriented themes on one axis and imaging modalities and image postprocessing on the other axis. Principal investigators are responsible for each subproject. The program is characterized by close interactions between themes with a biomedical and technological focus, where technological innovation meets clinical application. The development of innovative imaging technology is directly linked to clinical feasibility studies. The research is based on multidisciplinary collaboration involving many disciplines, including internal medicine, vascular medicine, cardiology and pediatric cardiology. The cardiovascular and neuro imaging research lines are converting to new research lines, like exploring the heart-brain interaction in various diseases that may lead to neurocognitive decline.

Research themes of the cardiovascular research group.

  1. Clinical disease-oriented research
    • CT in coronary artery disease: L. Kroft, A. de Roos.
    • MRI in the metabolic syndrome: H.J. Lamb, J. Westenberg, A. de Roos.
    • MRI in congenital heart disease: L. Kroft, J. Westenberg, A. de Roos.
    • High-field MRI of vessel wall: H.J. Lamb, J. Westenberg, M. Versluis, A. Webb.
    • Aortic pulse wave velocity in Marfan: J. Westenberg, A. de Roos.
    • Pulse wave velocity in diabetes/systemic disease: J. Westenberg, A. de Roos.
    • Metabolic imaging of the kidney: H.J. Lamb.
    • MRI heart-brain interaction: A. de Roos, H.J. Lamb, J. van der Grond, M. van Buchem.
    • NEO study in obesity: A. de Roos, H.J. Lamb, J. Westenberg.
    • Cardiovascular animal research: L. van de Weerd, H.J. Lamb
    • MRI directed VT ablation: R. van der Geest, H.J. Lamb.
    • CT in pulmonary embolism: L. Kroft, A. de Roos.
    • MIBG nuclear medicine applications: I. al Younis, L. Kroft, A. de Roos.
    • MAGNA VICTORIA study: H.J. Lamb, A. de Roos.
    • PWV in AGES study: J. Westenberg, A. de Roos.
    • Whole body MR angiography: H. van den Bosch, J. Westenberg, A. de Roos.
  2. Technological and experimental research lines
    • MRI of vessel wall: R. van der Geest.
    • Quantification of 3d velocity encoded MRI: R. van der Geest, J. Westenberg, B. Lelieveldt, A. de Roos.
    • CT technique optimization/dosimetry: K. Geleijns, L. Kroft.
    • PWV optimization techniques: J. Westenberg, A. de Roos.
    • Heart in 3D (CT& SPECT): B.Lelieveldt, K. Geleijns, A. de Roos.
    • Safety of cardiovascular implants at 7T: A. Webb, H.J. Lamb.
    • Left atrial scar imaging: H.J. Lamb, R. van der Geest.
    • Development of 7T spectroscopy: H.J. Lamb, A. Webb.
    • Cardiac 3T and 7T flow imaging: J. Westenberg, M. Stuber, A. de Roos.
    • Development of Dixon method: P. Boernert, H.J. Lamb, A. Webb.
    • Fusion of cardiac information from multiple sources: B. Lelieveldt.
    • Image processing for whole-body MRI: B. Lelieveldt, H.J. Lamb, A. de Roos.
    • Screening for rupture-prone atherosclerotic plaques with molecular MRI: L. van der Weerd.
    • Modeling of pressure effects on atherosclerotic plaque: L. van der Weerd.
    • MRI of liver steatosis in animal model: L. van der Weerd, H.J. Lamb.
    • Heart function in Duchenne muscular dystrophy mouse models: L. van der Weerd
    • Cardiac function during ARDS: L. van der Weerd, H. Grotenhuis, A. de Roos.
    • Cardiac function after stem cell therapy: L. van der Weerd.
    • Ex vivo MRI of human descending aorta: L. van der Weerd.
    • Fusion of optical techniques and micro-CT: J. Dijkstra.
    • Automated segmentation and vascular quantification: J. Dijkstra.


The cardiovascular program is embedded institutionally, nationally and internationally in multiple research collaborations. See also neuro research for description heart-brain connection.

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International level:

  • Technical university Zurich
  • University of California at San Francisco
  • John Hopkins Baltimore
  • Harvard medical center Boston