Results and imaging

Beveiligde beelduitwisseling afdeling Radiologie

Secured image-exchange department of Radiology

The department of Radiologie of the LUMC facilitates digital exchange of radiological exams via secure FTP. In this way, the patient can get access to his/her own studies, or studies can be exchanged between doctors/hospitals.

Access to the exchange-system is through 2-way authentication: an email with a web-link, and a separate SMS-message with a password. For security reasons, links only work for 7 days, after which the files will be automatically deleted from our file server. 

The system has two way of operation: 

  1. "incidental" exchange, eg. for sending images to a patient or a doctor
  2. "regular" exchange, eg. for exchange of studies with a known institute or other department.

If a patient wishes to view the obtained imaging for him/herself at home, a request for digital access can be done for that purpose (see below). 

Contact with the department of Radiology

Image exchange can be requested during office hours by telephone 071-5262032 or by sending an e-mail to  

For technical help or with other questions regarding our secured image-exchange system, you can contact us by e-mail to or by calling us during office hours on 071-5263497. 

Only in emergency cases the radiology technician on call can be reached via the general LUMC telephone number:

I’m clicking the link in the e-mail, but there’s no webpage opening.
The password is the SMS-message isn’t being accepted.
I can’t open the downloaded files.
How do I unpack the zipfile?
Which browsers are supported?
Do I need to download the files within a certain period of time?
How do I know for sure that I’m going to a secured website?
Can I watch the images on an Apple computer?