Louise van der Weerd, PhD


  • Molecular imaging
  • Small animal MRI


Assistant professor

Louise van der Weerd studied Molecular Sciences at Wageningen University (1992-1996), with a Master’s program focussed on MRI and ESR, including an internship at the Commissariat à l'Énergie Atomique (CEA) in Paris. She subsequently obtained a PhD in Biophysics from the same university (2002). This was followed by a postdoc as Research Fellow in the Department of Radiology and Physics at the Institute of Child Health (UCL) in London, where she worked on MRI techniques to study in vivo animal models of neurological disorders. She joined LUMC in 2005 as assistant professor in a double appointment between the department of Radiology and the department of Anatomy to set up a pre-clinical (molecular) imaging program.

She was awarded an NWO VENI grant and the first NWO Athena Award to start an independent research program. Presently, she is PI of the molecular imaging section, working on the development of novel molecular imaging and MRI techniques to study animal models of disease, with a focus on neurological disorders. The research group of Dr. Van der Weerd is embedded in the Molecular Imaging Laboratories Leiden (MILL), a technology platform that combines the available expertise at Leiden University and LUMC necessary for development, validation, and application of molecular imaging techniques.


Publications in international refereed journals

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Book chapters

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