Fabian Hensbergen


  • Synthesis of fluorescent dyes


Fabian studied Chemistry at the Hogeschool Utrecht with a specialisation in Research & Development. During his studies, he performed an internship at the Manchester Metropolitan University under the guidance of Dr. Alan M. Jones. Together, they endeavoured on identifying a straightforward three-step route to a novel class of tri- and tetracyclic oxazepino- and oxazecino quinazolines which have wide potential in the field of medicinal chemistry. Fabian graduated in 2016 on researching a novel pathway to a small heterocyclic flavour compound at Givaudan under the supervision of Dr. Sjack Elings. In 2016, he started working at the Interventional Molecular Imaging group at the Radiology department where he is currently working on the ERC Starting Grant “Illuminating Nerves” of Fijs van Leeuwen.



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