Dr. Ir. Hans van Assen

CardioVascular Imaging Group


  • MR image acquisition
  • Image analysis


I work on cardiovascular MR imaging and subsequent image analysis. By means of advanced imaging protocols and computer algorithms we aim at detecting (cardio)vascular disease, preferably in a very early stage. As such, I work on early detection of aortic aneurysms, and assessment of the status of blood flows in congenital heart diseases with an underdeveloped ventricle.

In the past, I worked on cardiac motion analysis from MRI, using mainly optical ï¬Â‚ow and spectral ï¬Âltering/preprocessing, in collaboration with the Academic Medical Center Amsterdam (AMC). Another focus was the assessment of pulmonary blood ï¬Â‚ow volume and extravascular lung water volume from indicator dilution curves in collaboration with the Catharina Hospital Eindhoven. Finally, I was involved in monitoring cardiac fetal status during birth, in collaboration with Philips Research Eindhoven. 




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