Drs. Zhiwei Zhai

PhD student


  • pulmonary image analysis,
  • Pulmonary biomarker design.


Zhiwei Zhai received his Bachelor degree of Information and Computing Science in July 2012, at Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai), and Master degree of Computer Science and Technology in July 2014, at the Harbin Institute of Technology. From September 2014, he is studying as a PhD student in the division of image processing(LKEB), Radiology Department, Leiden University Medical Center(LUMC), the Netherlands. He is now a member of "Orthopaedics and Pulmonology" section. He is working on the Morphometric Imaging Biomarkers of Vascular and Fibrotic Changes in Pulmonary Disease project. His supervisor is Berend C. Stoel.

Interesting research topics

Lung vessels segmentation,  and airway extraction.
Based on the analysis of lung vascular tree, design bio-markers 


 Zhai, Z., Staring, M., & Stoel, B. C. (2016, March). Lung vessel segmentation in CT images using graph cuts. In SPIE Medical Imaging (pp. 97842K-97842K). International Society for Optics and Photonics. 



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