Drs. Qing Cao

PhD student


  • Automatic Coronary Artery Analysis from computed tomography angiography


Qing Cao received her Master degree of Computer Science and Technology in June 2014, at the Southeast University, China. From September 2014, she is studying as a PhD student in the division of image processing (LKEB), Radiology Department, Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), the Netherlands. She is now a member of “ Vascular and Molecular Imaging” section. She is working on the “4D CTA analysis of the coronary arteries and cardia structures” which includes the improvement of coronary tree extraction and analysis in multiphase CTA data, automatic matching of baseline and follow-up CTA data and segmentation of cardiac structures ion different cardiac cycles.

Key Publications

  • Cao, Q., Broersen, A., Kitslaar, P. H. et al., “A Quality Score for Coronary Artery Tree Extraction Results,” Accepted by In: SPIE, Houston, Texas United States, 2018
  • Cao, Q., Broersen, A., de Graaf, M. A. et al., “Automatic identification of coronary tree anatomy in coronary computed tomography angiography,” Int J Cardiovasc Imaging, 33(11), 1809-1819 (2017)
  • Chen, Y., Zhang, Y., Yang, J, Cao, Q. et al., “ Curve-like Structure Extraction Using Minimal Path Propagation with Back-tracing,” IEEE Trans Image Process, 25(2), 988-1003 (2016)


Section Vascular Molecular Imaging
Division of Image Processing (LKEB)
Department of Radiology
Leiden University Medical Center
PO Box 9600, 2300 RC Leiden, The Netherlands

E-mail: q.cao@lumc.nl