Mehrman Chalaki, BSc

MSc Student



Mehrman is currently pursuing his Medical Doctor’s (MD) degree at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, of which he already obtained his Bachelor in Medicine in 2016. During his bachelor, he participated in several extracurricular activities, such as the Honours Programme, membership of the Faculty Council, and several committees. He chose his minor of 10 weeks in the field of head and neck surgery.

Parallel to its medical degree, Mehrman is also doing a Master in Neuroscience, during which he will perform research for a period of 1.5 year. In this context, he is doing research at Leiden Medical Center in the Radiology department and Neurosurgery department. His research focuses on the development of a clinically relevant technology for real-time pain visualization and localization of pain-generating pathology in the DRG, by making use of nanotechnology. 


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