Drs. Marieke A. Stammes



  • (Molecular) Multimodal Imaging
  • Preclinical Experiments
  • Radioactivity Based Analysis


Marieke obtained her bachelor in Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy at In Holland Haarlem, the Netherlands, after which she enrolled in the master Oncology (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, the Netherlands) from which she graduated in July 2011. During her master, Marieke did two internships. The first (Jan 2010-Jan 2011) was at the Vrije Universiteit and the RadioNuclideCenter under the supervision of prof. dr. GAMS van Dongen entitled; ‘development of antibody conjugates for photoimmunodetection’. The second internship (Feb 2011- July 2011) was at the Leiden University Medical Center under the supervision of prof. dr. RE. Poelmann and dr. L. van der Weerd and was entitled; ‘evaluation of different MR contrast agents for the detection of atherosclerotic plaques’. After her graduation, Marieke worked until November 2012 for 50 percent of her time as a research technician in molecular imaging within the SME sector and the other 50 percent as Radiation Technologist at the VU University Medical Center (Amsterdam). In November 2012, she started on an industrial-sponsored PhD with the title: ‘Multimodal image guided interventions using oncological imaging biomarkers’. The title actually explains exactly the diversity of Marieke her research but also the focus on oncology.



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