Dr. Eric L. Kaijzel

Assistant Professor


  • Nanomedicine
  • Imaging
  • Immunotherapy
  • Nanotherapeutics
  • Smart nanobiomaterials


Dr. Eric Kaijzel is a molecular imaging biologist and received his PhD on TNF gene regulation at the Department of Rheumatology, Leiden University Medical Center in 2001. After a postdoc position at the Vascular Biology Unit at TNO Quality of Life he was appointed Assistant Professor at LUMC, where he led the bone biology research and was also part of the team awarded an IOP Photonics grant in 2010 (IMPACT) to investigate effects of PDT on cancer. His current research implements non invasive molecular imaging technologies, based upon the use of optical probes, to follow different cellular and molecular processes including monitoring tumour growth and T-cell tracking . From 2005-2012, Dr. Kaijzel was the coordinator of an official European training center for small animal optical imaging at LUMC. He was projectmanager and workpackage leader of a CTMM-project (2009-2015) called Intra-operative Multi-Spectral Imaging Systems for radical tumor resection (MUSIS). Dr. Kaijzel was part of the team awarded a TiPharma grant (IMMUNOCOLOURS) in 2012 to develop new in vitro and in vivo based immunology assays. In 2016, he will be involved as an investigator to study the effect of nanoparticle-based combination checkpoint blockade upon different tumour types as part of an EU Marie Curie Action Award (ISPIC).

Being a member of the Radiology Datacenter,  Eric Kaijzel functions as a GCP-officer to coordinate and execute clinical scientific research in accordance with the applicable regulations and laws. 



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