Marius Staring, PhD

Assistant professor

Area(s) of interest

  • medical image registration
  • (pulmonary) image processing
  • dedicated to high quality and open source software implementations


Marius Staring studied Applied Mathematics at the University of Twente. He graduated in 2002 with a thesis on quantization-based watermarking, carried out at Philips Research Labs in Eindhoven. He received his PhD in 2008 on the topic of medical image registration, carried out at the Image Sciences Institute, UMC Utrecht. Since 2008 he is with the Division of Image Processing at the Leiden University Medical Center, first as a postdoctoral researcher and since 2013 as assistant professor.

His main interest is in the area of medical image registration, to develop new algorithms and to apply these to (pre-)clinical problems. In addition, his interests include the general analysis of medical data, with a current focus on pulmonary image processing. Current projects include research on parallel optimization of image registration, for online performance required for time-critical medical applications (by an NWO VENI grant); improved linking of registration algorithm and user, to facilitate widespread routine usage of this technique; near real-time treatment planning adaptation in a proton therapy setting.

Together with dr. S. Klein he is the author of the registration package elastix, publicly available as open source via



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