Dr. Gastón Fuentes Estévez

Senior researcher


  • Drug delivery systems
  • Calcium phosphates ceramics synthesis
  • Calcium phosphates cements
  • Calcium phosphates composites
  • Statistics applied to biomaterials


Dr. Gastón Fuentes graduated from the Havana University and remained as Instructor at the Dept of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, where he earned his MSc and PhD in Chemistry for his work on calcium phosphates cements to repair bone defects and drug delivery systems from biomaterials for the restoration of bone tissue respectively. During this time, he received three awards from the Cuban National Academy of Sciences and five awards from Havana University. Dr. Fuentes was also awarded a Latin American MacroNet fellowship at the San Carlos Institute of Chemistry (IQSC), University of Sao Paulo in order the concluding the PhD research. In the last 15 years, Dr. Fuentes had received training in several research fields related with biomaterials at important universities and groups of America and Europe such as National University of Education to Distance (UNED) in Madrid, Polytechnic University of Catalunya in Barcelona, Federal University of Río de Janeiro, GIR Bioforge in the University of Valladolid and Translational Nanobiomaterials and Imaging (TNI) of the Leiden University Medical Center in The Netherlands. His dedication to scientific research resulted in a PhD at the University of Havana in 2013 with the highest honour (including the proposition of Best Thesis defending in Chemistry Sciences), under supervision of Dr. José A. Delgado from University of Havana, Dra. María Luisa Rojas Cervantes from UNED and Prof. Ana María de Guzzi Plepis from IQSC. Dr. Fuentes have been participated in eight national and three international projects including one post-doctoral fellowship at the GIR Bioforge in the University of Valladolid and won a second post-doctoral fellowship from the Matsumae Internatinal Foundation at the Department of Biomaterials, Field of Tissue Engineering, Institute for Frontier Medical Sciences, Kyoto University, Japan. Dr. Fuentes has authored and co-authored more than 40 scientific article and 15 conference articles, besides he impart lecturers in universities of Brazil, Spain, Venezuela and Netherlands. He has co-supervised 3 PhD students, 4 Master student, more than 20 BSc students in Chemistry, Pharmacia, Biochemistry and Microbiology. He is a coordinater of the collaboration between the Biomaterials Center, University of Havana and LUMC. Currently, he established his own research lines in the field of calcium phosphates composites and cements for the restoration and/or regeneration of bone and cartilage tissues and its biofarmacological evaluation in vitro and in vivo. Also he works in the application of modern computational, statistical and mathematical techniques to modelling the behaviour of biological and pharmacological principles from the biomaterials to physiological medium.



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