Matthias van Oosterom


  • Applied Physics
  • Prototyping
  • Fluorescence and Bioluminescence
  • Surgical Navigation


Matthias obtained his bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in 2012. As part of the bachelor program he did a half year minor on Biomedical Engineering and a bachelor thesis on producing blood vessel phantoms for the use of testing intravascular ultrasound imaging equipment. In 2014 Matthias obtained his master’s degree in Applied Physics (TU Delft) with a specialization on Research and Development and a focus on ‘(Medical) Imaging Science and Technology’ and ‘Medical Physics’. During his master’s, he performed an internship on a joint project of SurgicEye (Munich, Germany) and the Interventional Molecular Imaging group at the Leiden University Medical Center (IMI-Lab, LUMC, Leiden, The Netherlands), working on the design of intraoperative surgical gamma probes. For his master thesis Matthias worked on a joint project of the IMI-Lab (LUMC, Leiden, The Netherlands), the Section Radiation, Detection & Medical Imaging of the Radiation Science and Technology dept. (TU Delft) and MILabs (Utrecht, The Netherlands). For this project he worked on the development of a prototype small animal imaging system, combining bioluminescence, fluorescence and SPECT. This work was presented at the SNMMI conference 2014 and published in the EJNMMI Research journal. After his graduation, Matthias started at a PhD position on the ERC SURVIVE project, working in a joint setup with both professor Cornelis van de Velde of the Department of Surgery (LUMC, Leiden, The Netherlands) as principal investigator and Dr. Fijs van Leeuwen of the IMI-Lab (LUMC, Leiden, The Netherlands) as daily supervisor. Operating in both groups, Matthias investigates the application of surgical navigation, fluorescence guided surgery and the combination of both.



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