Dr. M. Els Bakker

Senior researcher


  • Pulmonary image processing
  • Validation of developed pulmonary sofware
  • Financial project management
  • Works council


M. Els Bakker studied Biology at the University of Leiden. She graduated in August 1983. From 1987-1991 she worked as PhD student at National Herbarium in Leiden and successfully defended her thesis in November 1992. From 1996-2000 she worked at the Expert Centre of Taxonomy in Amsterdam collecting data for 2 botanical cd-roms. Further she digitized part of the microscopical wood collection at the Herbarium of Utrecht.

In February 2001 she joined the Division of Image Processing at the Leiden University Medical Center, as the coordinator of the 5th frame project SPREAD (Software Performance and Reproducibility in Emphysema Assessment: Demonstration). The task also included the validation of the developed software for assessing emphysema severity (Pulmo-CMS).

Since 2005 she is working as a post-doctoral researcher and validates the software that is being developed within the research group in the area of lung emphysema, the bronchial tree and the vascular tree in the lungs.

Furthermore, she is responsible for the financial management of the research projects running within LKEB.


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