• Daily (08.00-17.00 hr) you can contact our receptionists of our department
    • Radiologie A, second floor appointment office C2-S. 
      Tel. number 071-5262032  / e-mail :
    • Radiologie B, fourth floor, reception K4-P.
      Tel. number  071-5261840  / e-mail :
    • Radiologie  Nuclear medicine, second floor  reception  C2-P.
      Tel. number  071-5263480  / e-mail :
      Note: different opening hours (08.30-10.30) and(13.30-16.00)
  • Outside office times (evening, nights and weekends) you can contact the radiologist or nuclear medicine physician on duty by means of the LUMC central telephone receptionist (071 - 52 69111).

Consultants (for instance a medical specialist obliged to subscribe for an radiology examination)

You can make an appointment for the following examinations or medical treatment:

  •  Angio- en neuro-intervention
  • Ultra sound
  • Gastro-intestinal examinations
  • Mammography
  • Muscular-skeletal examination
  • Chest X-ray (thorax)
  • and other conventional examinations that we can perform when asked for by a general practitioner


  • CT -scans
  • MRI _scans


  • Nuclear medical examinations or medical treatment


See  Referrals by medical professionals

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