Dr. ir. Marius Staring

Associate professor


  • biomedical machine learning
  • medical image registration
  • medical image analysis
  • radiotherapy
  • dedicated to high quality and open source software implementations


I am an associate professor in medical image analysis, working at the Leiden University Medical Center. I lead the Biomedical Machine Learning research line within the Division of Image Processing (LKEB). In my research section we aim to develop generic machine learning approaches for automated image analysis, and to deploy these in the clinical and life-science research at LUMC.

Current projects include machine learning for disease classification and staging, for segmentation, image registration and uncertainty estimation. We work on image-based classification and characterization of neuro-degenerative disease, making heavy use of learning methods. In collaboration with the Department of Radiotherapy and others we explore the area of adaptive radiation therapy (photon as well as proton, CT as well as MRI), which is an interesting setting for its demand for real-time solutions that are robust to real-life variations in patients. We explore deep learning methods for segmentation of target areas and organs-at-risk, and for regression problems such as image registration. As such, I am intimately involved with the research surrounding the HollandPTC proton therapy center. I collaborate with prof. Van der Heide (NKI) on similar topics for MRI-guided photon therapy and brachytherapy. Image registration is historically a focus point in my research, developing fast (mathematical optimization) methods that render this technique usable in a time-critical intra-operative setting.

We aim for high quality open source algorithms, to promote widespread routine usage of our techniques, see http://elastix.isi.uu.nl/.

I have an MSc degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Twente (2002), and a PhD degree from the UMC Utrecht (2008). Since then I am with the LUMC, and since 2015 part-time at TU Delft. I am a VENI laureate, help setup research around the Holland Particle Therapy Center, and teach students Technical Medicine on image processing.



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E-mail: M.Staring@lumc.nl