Mick Welling


  • Biological validation and testing of probes and tracers: peptides, proteins, (stem) cells
  • Molecular imaging and analysis based on radioactivity (pharmacology and targeting) in experimental animal models
  • Bacterial imaging
  • Molecular monitoring of antimicrobial therapy


After his graduation at the HLO Van Leeuwenhoek Institute Delft in 1984 as BSc (zoology, histology and biochemistry), Mick worked for three years at the Gaubius Institute-TNO and the LUMC (department of Infectious Diseases) as a research technician. Here he was involved in the development and pre-clinical testing of thrombolytic agents group (head dr. J. Emeis) and the production and biological validation of monoclonal antibodies (head dr. W. Nieuwenhuizen). After this period, he was employed at the LUMC as a research technician at the Nuclear Medicine Department headed by prof. dr. E. Pauwels. In this context he worked on the development of molecular imaging tracers for fibrin clots and in vivo monitoring effects of thrombolytic therapy. After two years, he switched to projects related to the development of tracers for imaging inflammatory and vascular diseases and in 1997 he obtained his PhD degree at the University of Leiden (thesis: development and optimization of technetium-99m labeled tracers for the imaging of bacterial infections). He continued as a postdoctoral fellow at the Radiology department of the LUMC. In 2009 he moved to the molecular imaging group (head prof. dr. M. van Buchem) where he is housed in the Functional and molecular MRI group of dr. L. van der Weerd. He focuses on the development and validation of molecular imaging tracers for neurological and vascular disorders. Mick is also committed to the Interventional and Molecular Imaging group of dr. Fijs van Leeuwen, where he continues his efforts in imaging bacterial infections.



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