Our research

The Department of Otorhinolaryngology – Head and Neck surgery is active in both clinical and fundamental research. We aim to make a contribution to the LUMC-profile by conducting research related to the main topics within our department, focusing on cochlear implants (CIs), tumors of the skull base, laryngology, audiology and oto-biology. The research is associated with other LUMC-departments and institutions, both national and international.

Disorders of the head and neck

Our department has their own departmental research programme Disorders of the head and neck. Our research within this programme focuses on (neuro-)otology, especially cochlear implants (CIs, electrical prostheses for the deaf) and skull base tumours, (SBTs, viz. paraganglioma & vestibular schwannoma).

The research on electrical stimulation of the auditory pathways has a strong translational character, by combining computational modelling, imaging, electrophysiology (in animals and humans), psychophysics and clinical trials. The group has initiated stem cell research aimed at regenerative medicine of the auditory nerve.

The main purpose of the SBT-research is the optimization of patient care by weighing slow progression of SBTS against the treatment. It focuses on tumour biology, genetics, clinical outcome in general and quality of life specifically (QoL).

Medical research Profiles

Our research takes place within the LUMC medical research profiles Translational Neuroscience and Innovation in Health Strategy and Quality of Care