Chondrosarcoma of Bone

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Project leaders


  • Suzan Verdegaal MD


  • In vitro studies cartilage
  • Minimal invasive treatment borderline sarcoma
  • Analysis MRI criteria treatment

Start/End Date

1/1/2011 - 31/12/2013

Grant giver


Academic partners

  • Department of  Pathology LUMC
  • Department of Radiology LUMC
  • European Musculo Sceletal Oncology Society (EMSOS)


Chondrotumors of bone are the most frequent bone tumors. The majority is asymptomatic and recognised by accident. In the long bones the incidence of low grade sarcoma is regardless the radiological findings very common. Because the incidence of metastasis in these low grade tumors is extremely low research is undertaken to find the treatment with minimal surgery and a high chance of cure.

Application of  local adjuvant (phenol / alcohol) on a cartilage cell layer is tested in vitro studies.  

The clinical application in combination with curettage and adjuvant is followed in an at random group of patients.

The goal is to establish the recurrences and complications and change in grading by follow up for many years clinically, histology if available and by dynamic MRI.

The second part of this study is the study for Ollier disease in the major centres devoted to bone tumors in Europe all members of the EMSOS. The collected data are screened for incidence, presentation and malignant transformation as well as treatment as prognosis.