Sleep-wake research LUMC

Sleep-wake research LUMC

In recent years, we have learned many things about narcolepsy thanks to scientific research, mainly about the treatment of narcolepsy symptoms. However, there are still many questions to be answered. What causes the disease exactly? And how can we treat the cause of the disease, rather than only the symptoms? 

Even though the symptoms of narcolepsy can often be treated well, it is not yet possible to cure the disease. That is the reason why we continue to perform research to broaden our knowledge and give our patients access to the newest treatments. It is often possible to participate in research on narcolepsy. 

Patient-based research in narcolepsy

The studies we perform are very diverse. Part of the research is being executed in the laboratorium, but we often ask our patients to participate in studies as well. The lion share of our research is not possible without the help of those who suffer from narcolepsy. Therefore, we highly appreciate the efforts of patients who are willing to participate in our studies.

If you do not suffer from narcolepsy, it is also possible to contribute to our research. We often look for healthy volunteers for our studies to be able to compare the results of narcolepsy patients with those of the general population.

Access to new treatment options

Narcolepsy patients could also benefit from the fact that studies on new treatment options are being executed in the LUMC and Sleep-Wake Centre SEIN. If your situation allows for participation in a study and you fit the criteria, it is possible to participate in so-called clinical trials. You can ask your physician in the LUMC or Sleep-Wake Centre SEIN for the options anytime, but the medical team will also discuss them with you proactively. 

Narcolepsy research within the LUMC Medical research profiles

The LUMC identifies 7 medical research profiles: multidisciplinary research topics that are aminig to solve biomedical problems and bring answers not found when working a a stand alone fashion. Research on narcolepsy is part of the medical research profile Translational Neuroscience

What research topics are we currently working on?

The scope of our research is broad, but can be subdivided in 6 research topics (see also the side column). 

More information, both for patients and medical professionals, students and researchers can be found at "More information and contact".