SCOPA Scales

We developed a set of valid and reliable measurement instruments to quantify various manifestations of Parkinson’s disease. All these instruments can be used without additional costs, but use of these instruments must be communicated to the developers at, and the instrument must be properly referenced in any future publications. These references are printed at the bottom of the last page of all instruments. Additionally, future users may be requested to share data for psychometric purposes. 

Translation of SCOPA instruments into other languages is only allowed after permission to undertake this procedure has been obtained from the developers. This permission will only be granted if the translators standards are prepared to follow the translation guidelines we have outlined for this procedure. For more information on use and/or translation of SCOPA instruments contact dr. Han Marinus at

The following instruments are available:

SPES-SCOPA: motor examination, ADL and motor complications

SCOPA-COG: cognitive function

SCOPA-AUT: autonomic dysfunction

SCOPA-SLEEP: nighttime sleep problems and daytime sleepiness

SCOPA-PC: psychiatric complications (hallucinations, confusion, etc.)

SCOPA-PS: psychosocial consequences

SCOPA-DC: diary card (motor fluctuations and dyskinesias)

SENS-PD: severity of predominantly non-dopaminergic symptoms in Parkinson’s disease