Liver transplantation

Our care

During a liver transplantation the sick liver is removed and subsequently replaced with a healthy donor liver. The LUMC is one of the three Dutch university medical centers where liver transplantations are performed.

Why you are in good hands with us?

Many specialists are involved in the transplantation. A liver transplantation team consists of gastroenterologists, transplantation surgeons, anaesthetists, nurse specialists and physician assistants.

They select the treatment that suits you best. This usually requires additional examination also referred to as screening. When the team recommends a liver transplantation and you agree, you will be put on a Eurotransplant waiting list. The doctors and nurse specialists prepare you as well as possible for the operation, together with among others a dietitian and a physiotherapist.

After the liver transplantation you stay at the LUMC for about three weeks. This may be a bit shorter or longer. After the operation you first go to Intensive Care. On average patients stay here for two days. Next you go to the transplantation department. There, the gastroenterologist deals with your anti-rejection medication, the surgeon checks the wound and infection specialists help to fight possible infections. After this most patients may go home, but sometimes a patient has to be admitted temporarily to a rehabilitation center or nursing home.

After the transplantation you are checked at our outpatient department. We make sure that the wound heals properly, that the medication is correct and we help you to get back into a good condition. If necessary we request specialist assistance. Also in the longer term we monitor your health, often together with the referring specialist.

What is the Eurotransplant waiting list?
How is your position on the waiting list determined?