The LUMC Transplant Center is a center patients can turn to for all transplantation-related care. We provide you with the best possible care, based on innovation and linked to scientific research.

The LUMC has one integrated department where the expertise of all healthcare professionals working in the various transplantation-related fields comes together. In each field a specialized team of doctors and nurses closely works together in order to guarantee optimum and personal care. Below you can find out more about the various stages of an organ transplantation. If you consider donating a kidney to a family member or acquaintance, for more information please refer to the page Kidney donation.

Good aftercare

We not only wish your stay in hospital and operation to go well, but we also think it is very important that you can look back to this time as positively as possible. Therefore, wherever possible we will gear our care to your wishes, accurately control the pain relief after the operation and offer good aftercare when you go home. For a number of tips please refer to the pages Life after a transplantation.