Research and innovation

The LUMC Transplant Center recognizes the importance of research and is very proud of the research carried out by its employees with regard to organ and tissue transplantation. This research is innovative, multidisciplinary and is closely interlinked with various research profiles within the LUMC. All patients are asked, before a transplantation, whether they wish to participate in clinical research. This is of course entirely on a voluntary basis.

Performing more transplantations

The transplantation research in Leiden focusses on the period before, during and after transplantation and aims at increasing the number of transplantations and therefore serving more people with a potentially life-saving organ and improving the lifetime and results of those transplantations. This is done on the one hand by researching how to assess the quality of organs before transplantation and how to subsequently improve it. On the other hand the role of the immune system in the rejection or acceptance of organs is the subject of in-depth research and how this system can be modulated.

Looking to the future

Apart from performing various types of transplantation the LUMC also looks to the future: In-depth research is carried out into new treatment techniques, such as growing a kidney from someone’s own stem cells (bio-artificial organs) and the development of insulin-producing cells from stem cells.

This research mainly takes place in state-of-the-art laboratories at the LUMC, where the most recent techniques as regards immunology, molecular biology, immunohistochemistry and stem cell technologies are available. Translational research subsequently takes place in the Organ Preservation and Regeneration Unit (OPR) at the LUMC Surgery Department where the ex-vivo perfusion of organs takes place. This procedure helps to keep organs in a good condition for transplantation.

Finally, by analysing transplantation databases insight is gained into clinical results and with the aid of epidemiological models algorithms can be thought out to improve those results.
All considered, at the LUMC Transplant Center the highest-quality research is carried out, aimed at the future!