Onderzoek en onderwijs


The skin cancer research program of the Department of Dermatology includes four main lines of research: 

  1. cutaneous lymphoma
  2. (familial) melanoma
  3. skin carcinoma, particularly in organ-transplant patients
  4. disease skin models

These have in common a combination of basic, translational and clinical research, coordination by dermatologists and scientists and patient groups for which the Dept. of Dermatology serves as a tertiary referral centre. The central theme within all four lines of research is the molecular characterization of the subsequent stages of tumour progression. Methods employed include microarray technology and proteomics, (molecular) epidemiological studies to identify relevant risk factors, transgenic mouse models, cell cultures and cultured human skin equivalents. The ultimate goal is to identify and utilize new diagnostic and prognostic markers and to identify new targets for therapeutic or preventive intervention.

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