Practical information for patients

Making an appointment and a second opinion

An appointment or treatment in hospital is, as such, often a reason to be apprehensive. We therefore try our utmost to make your stay as pleasant and smooth as possible. For instance by planning different examinations, in so far as possible, on one day. That is what we call a ‘care pathway’. What matters most is that you play a central role in everything that happens to you during your stay in hospital. We make sure that you know what to expect and that there is ample opportunity to ask questions.

I still have questions. What next?

An examination or treatment often raises many questions which you only think of later on. For instance when you come home after having seen a specialist or after having done some internet research. But it is never too late to ask questions. The employee at the outpatient department or the nurse on your ward is your designated contact person. He or she either answers your questions or arranges an appointment for you with your treating doctor. The name of your treating doctor is on your appointment card which also has the name and telephone number of your contact person.

Making an appointment and a second opinion

A referral to the LUMC Transplant Center is usually given by your GP or a medical specialist of another hospital. The LUMC Transplant Center also offers the possibility to ask for a second opinion.

Waiting times

First and foremost the LUMC Transplant Center is a medical-scientific center for specialized referrals or specialized clinical care. Patients who need this care therefore usually get priority. Of course, patients who require emergency medical care, receive treatment straightaway. We try to keep waiting times as short as possible.