C.J.M. (Stijn) Halkes, MD PhD


  • Hematologist


Dr. CJM (Stijn) Halkes studied medicine at Utrecht University. He combined his traineeship in internal medicine with research at the department of Internal Medicine of the University Medical Centre Utrecht (Laboratory of Vascular Medicine). The title of his thesis was ‘Postprandial lipid metabolism and coronary artery disease. Effects of statin treatment’.  He started his traineeship in Hematology at the Leiden University Medical Centre in 2005. and got his registration in Hematology in September 2007. He continued working as hematologist in the Department of Hematology and was appointed as staff member Clinical Research in January 2009.

Recent training in hematology and clinical research

  • Joint ECCO / AACR / ASCO Workshop on "Methods in Clinical Cancer Research", FLIMS, Switzerland, 23-29 June 2007
  • ESH-EHA Hematology Tutorial on Hematological Malignancies, Dublin, Ireland, 13-14 November 2008
  • Course “Good Clinical Practice”, LUMC, Leiden, 18 February 2009
  • Advanced workshop on myelodysplastic syndromes, Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf, Germany, 19-20 February 2009
  • EORTC Course “Clinical trial statistics for non statisticians”, Brussels, Belgium, 9-12 June 2009
  • BROK (Basiscursus Regelgeving en Organisatie Klinisch-Wetenschappelijk onderzoek), LUMC 2010

Research interests

  • Mechanims of action of therapeutic antibodies
  • Clinical studies with cellular therapy after allogeneic stem cell transplantation.
  • Acquired Aplastic Anemia

Selected publications

  • Nijmeijer BA, van Schie MLJ, Halkes CJM, Griffioen M, Willemze R, and Falkenburg JHF. A mechanistic rationale for combining Alemtuzumab and Rituximab in the treatment of ALL. Blood. 2010.116(26): 5930-5940.
  • Halkes CJM, Veelken JH, and Falkenburg JHF. Horse versus Rabbit antithymocyte globulin in Aplastic Anemia. N Engl J Med. 2011. 365(19):1842-1843.
  • de Boer MG, Jolink H, Halkes CJM, van der Heiden PLJ, Kremer D, Falkenburg JHF, van de Vosse E, and van Dissel J. Influence of polymorphisms in innate immunity genes on susceptibility to invasive aspergillosis after stem cell transplantation.PLoS One. 20116(4): e18403.
  • Chai LY, de Boer MG, van der Velden WJ, Plantinga TS, van Spriel AB, Jacobs C, Halkes CJM, Vonk AG, Blijlevens NM, van Dissel JT, Donnelly PJ, Kullberg BJ, Maertens J, and Netea MG. The Y238X stop codon polymorphisms in the human B-glucan receptor dectin-1 and susceptibility to invasive aspergillosis. J Infect Dis. 2011. 203(5): 736-743.


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