pipetterenAlso in the 21st century, microbiological researchers are facing unprecedented challenges. They are confronted with an incessant flow of unexpected epidemics, caused by new or changing micro-organisms. At the same time, previously "established" infectious diseases require attention. The identification and characterization of pathogens, and the transfer of this knowledge, is the primary task of medical microbiology. Technological innovations offer new possibilities in diagnostics and the development of vaccines and drugs, especially when basic research can connect to clinical practice. 

The department of Medical Microbiology carries out basic and clinical research in the two research programmes: bacteriology and virology. The research is embedded within medical research profile Immunity, Infection and Tolerance.

The LUMC is partner of the Netherlands Centre for One Health (NCOH). The department of Medical Microbiology participates in the strategic research themes 'Tackling Antimicrobial resistance' and 'Emerging Infectious Diseases Preparedness'. For further information see the press release (Dutch only).

Medical research profile Immunity, Infection and Tolerance