Infection Control

The Unit Infection Control is tasked in the prevention of (transmission of) infections, in patients, visitors, and employees. Through creating and maintaining protocols on infection control, education and advising in hygiene, and by surveillance and control of sources of healthcare associated infections.

Prevention, surveillance and control

The Unit Infection Control create protocols on infection control based on the latest national and international guidelines.

The Infection Control Experts collaborate with the clinical microbiological lab in the detection of special micro-organisms, and to prevent the spread of these (potential) pathogens. When special micro-organisms, like (multi drug) resistant bacteria are detected, isolation measures are taken to prevent the spread.

Also the unit works with internist-infectiologists, the occupational medicine specialists, and nurses and specialists of the various clinical departments and out-patient clinics.

Contact Infectie Control

Unit Infection Control LUMC: Room number E4-60
Head: dr. Karin Ellen Veldkamp
Infection Control Experts   Tel (071) 5298617
For questions, please send an e-mail:

Outside of office hours: clinical-microbiologist on call via:    Tel  ( 071) 526  9111

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