Prof. Dr. B.A.M. (Ben) van der Zeijst

Professor Emeritus


  • Vaccine development
  • Vaccination
  • Cytomegalovirus infections


Department of Medical Microbiology
Professor Emeritus of Vaccines and Vaccinations

Research interests

Ben van der Zeijst is emeritus professor at the Leiden University Medical Center. His present research activities are in immunotherapy of persistent virus infections -with a focus on cytomegalovirus- and cancer.
Knowledge about vaccines against infectious diseases has paved the way for the immunotherapy of cancer. We can expect significant progress in both areas in the coming years.
An additional ambition of Van der Zeijst is to shorten the development time of vaccines which is presently about 16 years. He anticipates that the use of DNA and RNA vaccines may significantly reduce the time needed for clinical trials and the production of new vaccines.
He wants to share his expertise with young researchers, who will be essential to implement innovations, as he did in EU project VacTrain (

More information on his past career and scientific output can be found here.


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