Dr Francoise Carlotti

Assistant Professor


Françoise Carlotti, PhD is Assistant Professor and Head of the Islet Resarch lab (Dept of Internal Medicine). 

She obtained her PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology (cum laude) in 2004 from the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France) supported by fellowships from the French Ministry of Education and Research and a Marie Curie training program (Eurogendis). In 2005 she joined the group of Dr Hans van Dam (LUMC) supported by a Marie Curie RTN fellowship. In 2006 she was appointed as a Staff scientist in the lab of Prof Rob Hoeben (LUMC). During that period she acquired expertise in human adult stem cell and islet cell biology.

In 2010, she joined the Islet group headed by Prof. Eelco de Koning (LUMC) to coordinate the basic research team. Fundamental and translational research is being performed on type 1 and type 2 diabetes, with a focus on primary human pancreatic cells. Among the topics of interest are investigating mechanisms underlying beta-cell adaptation, beta-cell plasticity and alterations in beta-cell identity associated with a loss of function. Furthermore, the Islet lab has a major interest in beta-cell replacement therapy strategies.

As PI, Françoise Carlotti obtained research funding from JDRF (2014 and 2017), the Dutch Diabetes Research Foundation (2015, 2019), the Dutch Kidney Foundation (2016), the DON foundation (2017, 2019), the European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes (2018), and TKI/Health Holland (2019).

She was workpackage leader in the Dutch consortium DCTI (Diabetes Cell Therapy Initiative 2010-2015). She is a PI in the Dutch initiative RegMedXB, as well as in the H2020 European consortia ISLET and ESPACE.







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