Image Guided Surgery

World Molecular Imaging Congress 2019

Vahrmeijer Lab widely represented at the World Molecular Imaging Congress 2019 in Montreal

Starting on Wednesday September 4th, this year’s World Molecular Imaging Congress (WMIC) will be hosted by the city of Montreal, Canada. With 5 oral presentations and 9 poster presentations the Vahrmeijer Lab is well represented. The meeting’s title ‘the dynamics of life: integrating molecular imaging’ seems a perfect fit for presenting and discussing our new optical imaging agents and methods for surgical navigation. Starting with a lecture from dr. Vahrmeijer and PhD candidate Babs Sibinga Mulder on Wednesday morning’s  Optical Surgical Navigation educational session, this year’s WMIC promises to be the place to visit many interesting presentations in the field of Image-Guided Surgery.

Wednesday September 4th

Time - -    Educational Session OSN -  124ab – A.L. Vahrmeijer/B.G. Sibinga Mulder

6 – 7 PM: Poster Session 1: Cardiology, inflammation, immunology & infection, Instrumentation, Metabolism, Methodology: Machine Learning & Data Processing - B.G. Sibinga Mulder

Thursday September 5th

12:15 – 12:30 Oral presentation: Scientific Session 04: Novel Nanoparticle Imaging - M.M. Deken

11:20 – 11:30 Oral Presentation: OSN Clinical Trial Design, regulatory Pathway & Marketplace Economics – session I

1 – 2 PM: Poster Session 2: Late breaking abstracts (all categories) L.M. Wellens, F.B. Achterberg

-  Intraoperative near-infrared fluorescence imaging of colorectal carcinoma with cRGD-ZW800-1: a translational study (135) – K.S. de Valk

2:45 – 3 PM: Oral Presentation: Scientific Session 08: Ultrasound, Photoacoustics and    Multimodal Imaging in Oncology - B.G. Sibinga Mulder

5:40 – 6 PM: Oral presentation: Highlights: Oncology & Inflammation in the Body - R.P.J Meijer

Friday September 6th

1 – 2 PM: Poster Session 3: Neuroscience, New Chemistry, Biology & Bioengineering Oncology. - F.A. Vuijk

2 – 2:15 PM: Oral presentation: New insights in Translational Imaging - R.P.J. Meijer

Saturday September 7th

10:30 – 11:30 AM Poster session 4: Oncology, Coffee Break & visit Exhibits - Exhibit Hall 517 -V.M. Baart, M.M. Deken, B.G. Sibinga Mulder

- Single fiber reflectance spectroscopy for non-invasive detection of pancreatic adenocarcinoma during endoscopic ultrasound: a phase II study (252) – L. van Manen