Vahrmeijer Lab

Vahrmeijer Lab - Team

The Vahrmeijer Lab consists of multiple affinity groups, each focusing on a specific area within the field of Mulecular-Targeted Precision Surgery.

Principal Investigators
  • Alexander Vahrmeijer, MD, PhD -  Principal investigator
  • Joost van der Vorst - Principal Investigator, Greenlight Vascular
  • Peter Kuppen, PhD -  Principal Investigator, Preclinical Research

Greenlight Oncology

Greenlight Vascular

  • Pim van Hoven, MD - PhD-Candidate

Greenlight Immuno-Oncology

  • Thomas Brouwer, MD - PhD-Candidate
  • Nigel Kooreman, MD, PhD - Postdoctoral Researcher

Greenlight Gynecology

  • Inge Peeters, MD, PhD - Postdoctoral Researcher

Greenlight Reconstructive

  • Babs Sibinga Mulder, MD, PhD - Postdoctoral Researcher

Lab Support

GMP Facility