Green Light Leiden


The Image-Guided Surgery group at Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), headed by Dr. Vahrmeijer focuses on safe and efficient clinical translation of image guided surgery applications to improve personalized clinical practice and enhance patient outcome.


Surgeons who wish to work with image guided surgery applications can become fully trained by colleagues from our experienced team. We aim to offer a modular training program from webinars, practical camera training to a hands-on training in a fully equipped operating theatre.

PhD students

Science is the basis for our research and development. In science and technology, unexpected outcomes or practical problems often form the basis of research which frequently leads to new insights and potential innovations, new developments and solutions to old problems. We embrace this opportunity for scientific advancement and we actively search for grants and collaboration opportunities to accommodate a wide variety of research projects for PhD-students. These project vary from preclinical, software and hardware development to clinical research or most exciting, a combination thereof.


The Biomedical Imaging research profile contributes to regular bachelor and master programmes in Medicine, Biomedical Sciences and Clinical Technology in the form of a half minor “Biomedical Imaging” and “Imaging in major diseases”. Dr Vahrmeijer and other members of the team structurally provide courses on Image Guided Surgery from the surgical and disease perspectives. The Surgery Research lab headed by Dr. Peter Kuppen provides most interesting internships for Medical and Biomedical Science students in the field of Image Guided Surgery from basic research on biomarkers and cancer and immunity to clinical translation of novel imaging probes.