Mevr. Dr. Wilma Mesker

Area(s) of interest

  • Proteomics
  • Tumor-stroma interactions
  • Biobank Heelkunde


Dr. Mesker is assistant professor at the Department of Surgery, LUMC, Leiden. Her research field relates to the development of novel technology including advanced imaging in different translational fields, such as cancer screening, to study the molecular composition of cells and chromosomes. She has expertise in diagnostic and prognostic factors in colon cancer and breast cancer within the field of minimal residual disease in bone marrow and lymph nodes, DNA analysis and tumor-stromal interactions. For the Department of Surgery she coordinates research projects within the fields of: 

  • Proteomics (in collaboration with the department of Biomolecular Mass spectrometry)
  • Early detection of breast cancer and colon cancer. Prognostic and predictive values
  • Tumor-stroma interactions
  • Prognostic and predictive information of this parameter
  • Minimal residual disease
  • Involved in several national and international collaborations in these fields
  • Coordinator of the Biobank Heelkunde
  • PhD in 2008: Microscopical evaluation of prognostic factors in colorectal cancer 



Leiden University Medical Center
Building 1
Room D6-27

Albinusdreef 2
2333 ZA Leiden
Tel: 71 5263610

Postalzone K6-R
P.O. Box 9600
2300 RC Leiden
The Netherlands