Soft tissue sarcoma is a rare type of cancer that develops from soft tissues, like muscle, nerves, fat, fibrous tissues, blood vessels, or deep skin tissues. This type of cancer is described by its grade (I, II or III) where in general higher-grade sarcomas are more likely to grow and spread faster than lower-grade sarcomas.

About the app

It is common that different types of doctors work together in creating an overall treatment plan. Treatment recommendations depend on several factors, including patient and tumor characteristics.

The mobile PERSARC application is a prognostic (forward looking) tool specifically designed to support shared decision making for patients with a primary high-grade soft tissue sarcoma in their limb, (to be) treated with surgical resection (and radiotherapy). The information in this app is relevant for patients with grade III sarcoma, and not for sarcoma subtypes other than those mentioned in the app or patients that receive any form of chemotherapy before or shortly after surgery. Using patient- and tumor-related characteristics, the app provides an estimate of the oncological outcome in terms of overall survival or incidence of local recurrence.

The PERSARC application is intended to be used as an informative tool that provides patients and medical professionals insight into the personalised risks and benefits of each treatment option, based on patient’s age, tumour size, tumour depth and histology. PERSARC can improve the predictive capability of a physician and gives patients insight in the benefit and harms of each treatment options, to make an more informed treatment decision. Patients and caregivers using this app should discuss the results with the patient’s physician.

This application works best in Chrome or on your mobile, available in your app store.