Why me?

‘Why me?’ is a 35 minute documentary in which Spinoza Laureate prof. Frits Rosendaal and his colleagues show how they work as ‘medical detectives’ in their search for the causes of diseases. The film focuses on the NEO study, in which the link between obesity and a variety of diseases is investigated. This study has been running for 10 years now.

The film shows how Rosendaal’s department, Clinical Epidemiology, was founded to study the relationship between various factors and disease, which obstacles the researchers encountered and what they have learned from those obstacles. The clinical trial subjects star in the film as well. They explain what motivates them to take part in the NEO study and the viewer witnesses how they participate in a unique experiment. Watch the full film or the 5 minute summary and learn more about the world of scientific research.

Why me? (short version)